Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What to do with all this stuff…

A few weeks ago I spied an Ebay user selling 13 pounds of Iridescent scrap glass.  I first tried bidding on it (ended up losing) then I saw him selling a lot of it for 80 bucks.  Not wanting to pass up a good deal I took it.  It’s all dark irids and it looks insanely beautiful when fired up but now I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with all that glass. 



Well Here’s what I did.

I cut out a piece of black slightly smaller than the votive mold and then added a 6mm border around it to contain the frit I was going to add.  I weighed the centerpiece so I could add the proper volume and then added a layer of transparent clear frit on the bottom.


I then lay down the scraps of irid and started to add the orange frit.




Once I had all my orange frit in I used a brush to start to uncover the irid.  I don’t have any pics of that because I started to get pissed off.  There really wasn’t enough room to push the frit off the irid pieces without it spilling back on the irid.  I wanted clear and distinct boundaries between the Irid and the frit so I decided to pull the Irid out and lay it on top of the frit in hopes that the Irid would just naturally sink into the frit (remember the 6mm rule).


It is getting fired tonight so wee will see how this goes…

…to be continued…BOOM!

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