Thursday, October 10, 2013

More on my art/stuff/piece/thingy…


This is how the beast is progressing.  I decided to fill in my “Tray” with multiple colors.  I first thought of just doing a single color (like red) like I did on the small votives I made.  I figured a little variety would be better since there since the iridescent glass pieces were spread further apart.



I cleaned the glass off using Isopropyl alcohol.




Here I bid fond farewell.


Here it is after the first firing. 



OK this is actually before the second firing; the first had some technical issues.  Apparently I did not have enough frit pushed to the edge so when the piece melted the glass base pulled away from the strips along the edge leaving several holes.  I filled them in with a little black frit and covered it with a little clear.  I’m debating on whether I should have needed to fill in the holes at all.  I’m inclined to thing a second firing without any fill would cause the glass to level out some more and close the holes.  Here it is after the second fusing and before the fire polish.


Ha.  Like it never even happened. I needed to etch the edges because the strips on the side acquired some devit.  The fire polish will clean it up.  It’s kinda sorta square…in the same sense you could call a cabbage patch doll “square”.  I suppose it could be called “organic”.  hmm…anyway I need to figure out how to mount the crazy thing. I need to frame it to put it on display for our art guild.  I’m thinking it might be easier to mount if I tack fused it to a piece of 3mm black and leave about a quarter inch edge around it so the frame has something to grab on to (nuts…dangling preposition…my wife is going to kill me).

Well, there’s more to think about. TTFN.

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