Friday, October 11, 2013

Losing my Marbles (or nuts to you)

I love a good non-sequitur (even when it’s bad).

Another local fuser suggested fusing marbles as a way to make pendants.  The advantage of doing that is that you cool patterns already built in.  Just grind a little flat base so the marble won’t roll in the kiln, fuse them, fire polish (as needed) and then stick on a bail and you’re good to go.  The disadvantage is that you can’t fuse the glass with anything else other than itself since the COEs will be different and you’ll risk introducing stress into a  piece of mixed co-efficiencies.  I just got a bag of random sized marbles and gave it a shot.


Here’s how they turned out.  Well the experiment was kind of a fail.  I did find out which size marble works the best to make a pendent (1 inch) and that was the only one that turned out ok.


The big one thermal shocked reeeeeeal bad (which I thought it might).


Other ones were either too small or were uninteresting or just didn’t fuse right.


I found a good supplier of one inch marbles so we’ll see how those cook up.


So long and thank you for not smoking.

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