Thursday, October 17, 2013

First pot melt

During the process of acquiring glass gear I decided to pick up a Slumpy’s 6 inch mini pot melt.  Here’s my first stab at one.

Here’s El Potto!


Here’s the glass I used: Clear, White, Green, Orange, and Dark Red.


I cleaned all the pieces off with Isopropyl Alcohol (probably overkill).


Here’s how I arranged the glass. You only need to arrange it if you want to try to control where the color goes (more of less).  It’s all pretty random.


Ready for toasting!


And here is the result!  Looks pretty slick.


A Close-up of some of the detail.


I got a little bit overzealous on how much glass I put in.  I was wanting to end up with a disk about 6mm thick.  but I ended up putting in the maximum suggested amount of glass: 1.5 pounds. 

Dang!  That’s the last time I’ll read the label.





The piece ended up being about 15 millimeters thick.  I don’t have a glass saw so I couldn't cut it up for pattern bars. I didn’t want to smash it up and make cabochons out of it so I decided to take it up to a full fuse so see how well it would flatten out to 6mm.  If it turns out ok I’ll slump it into a plate.  I also regret using the dark red.  It looks like a muddy brown when fused/melted. Oh well.

Stay tuned…

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