Thursday, October 31, 2013

Well, there it is…

…stuffed and mounted.


I started this beastie almost a month ago for the Lincoln Artists Guild November show.  After the final fire polish it languished for a couple of weeks in my glass rack: I couldn’t decide how to mount the stupid thing.  I finally caved under pressure (the entry deadline was coming up) and tack fused it to a piece of 3mm black. I was fortunate to find a website that sold 10 X 10 frames.  The frame’s a wee bit on the thin side but it will do.

There it is…now if I could just get rid of the fingerprints.

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  1. Hey, Evert :) Fellow LAG MIA member here, Carrie should stop by Architectural Glassarts some Thursday night or Saturday morning and say hi! I didn't know there was another member working in glass!