Saturday, November 2, 2013

Now That’s a Shocker

We weren’t going to enter the juried show. At least that’s what we initially decided.  We had decided to put our works on display at the state capitol that was non-juried. But then Marcia had a phone chat with (I think) the president of the Artists Guild and after some subtle arm twisting she caved and decided to enter her painting in the juried show and I follow suit.

Well the decision paid off.


My piece ended up winning the James Ray Award and Marcia’s got honorable mention.  When I first saw the award I saw the award I thought “Oh…that’s nice…who’s James Ray?”.  He was an artist who passed away recently who had been a noted Nebraska artist and a member of the guild for the past 61 years.  The award was establish his name and it involves some sort of cash prize.  I don’t know how much but I’ll take it.



I just hope I don’t do art like I bowl.  I bowl about once every ten years or so and I usually do great the first game and then by the third I shoot below 100.

Cool beans anyway!

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