Sunday, November 3, 2013

Miscellanea: A pot melt, some blown glass and mischief managed.

A pot melt
Third time’s the charm.  Now this is more like it.
I made this piece using clear and transparent green blown glass scrap.  I also supplemented with yellow and white Carolina buffalo chips (from Slumpys).  The melt was done in a Slumpys 8 inch mini pot.
It turned out to be a little thicker than I wanted (~7.5mm).  I overcompensated by adding a bit too much glass because there wasn’t enough in the last melt to fill the ring.  I think if I back off about 4 oz  I’ll hit the sweet spot of an 8 inch melt. What I think I’ll do next is get a stainless steel 10 inch casting ring, fill the space around the ring with white opal frit to create a blank for slumping a 10 inch plate. At least that’s the plan for now.
Some blown glass
I’ve gone ahead and fused some of the fancier pieces of blown glass scrap I found to see how they turn out.
Here they are before fusing.
After fusing…
Here they are after I had ground them down and before the fire polish.
I think they’re going to come out pretty decent.
Mischief managed
I’m amazed at what can bring out the 4th grader in me.  I was cleaning the ground glass goop out my grinder...
...and these thoughts kept running through my head:
  • This is disgusting
  • This is gross
  • This is sickening
  • This is vile
  • This is putrid
  • This is horrible
  • This is vomitus
  • I want to fuse it…
I’m just waiting for it to dry.
I don’t think they make meds strong enough for guys like me.
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