Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another Day, Another Melt…

Well with fairly successful melt underneath my belt belt It’s time for…

Another one!.  This time I’m trying something a little different.   I’m taking half of my colored glass and burying it underneath the clear and then taking the rest and putting on top.



I’m also used just 21 ounces of glass this time instead of 26. It should get me closer to 6 mm thickness.

Here’s how it turned out.




If you had any doubts I can validate; darker colors will dominate the melt.  I had about 13 ounces of clear and  4 ounces of red and white (8 oz. total).  I think half the amount of red would have been plenty.  There also seemed to be more bubbles this time.  That means I should hold it at 1500 for while longer.  Well tomorrow I’m going to attempt to fuse a white border around it to make a blank for a plate.

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