Friday, November 8, 2013

A plate, Blown glass pendants and the disgusting thing.

A Plate

At some point I’m going to ditch the Slumpys mini pot melts and come up with my own rig using terra cotta pots.  That way I won’t be restricted to melting disks just 6 and 8 inches in diameter. With this most recent melt I decided to try add a white border around it to make a blank for a plate. I got myself a 10 inch stainless steel ring and some white Uroboros frit.





Now if this works out OK then instead of buying ready-made frit I’ll get and 5 pound bag of white opal odd cut scraps and crush it myself.  The scraps cost less about 60% less than bulk frit ($23.00 vs 52.00).  I’ll post the results tomorrow.

Blown glass pendants

I mentioned last time I was about to fire polish some of the scarp blown glass I had gotten.  Here’s a few pics of how they turned out.  I’ll need to fire polish some of them again since I added a bevel and not all of them polished smoothly.






And now for…

The Disgusting Thing


Nuff said!.  The secret will be revealed tomorrow.

Stay tuned…

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