Saturday, October 26, 2013

Playing the mailman…

Well I could have if I was faster on my feet with that kind of stuff.

I had recently been perusing E-bay looking for some scrap glass for doing pot melts.  I stumbled across a couple of auctions that had 20 lbs of scrap for sale from two different glass blowing artists.  Intrigued, I placed a bid on one of the auctions and won it. On delivery day I was eager to get home from work and find out what sort of goodies I was getting. Instead of a box of glass waiting for me I found a note in the mailbox saying that I needed to sign for the delivery.  I was pissed; It was just a stupid box of scrap glass the and seller wanted a signature?!  To add insult to injury the Postal service (unlike UPS or FedEX) doesn’t allow for same day pick up and the end of the day.

I hopped on the USPS website and ordered a re-delivery for the next day since I had the day off from work. The following day the mailman stopped by and walked up to my porch carrying this:


His face was a mixture of shock, horror and wounded puppy dog.  He immediately started rambling “I’m sorry sir I’m so sorry.  The box broke open and I can’t imagine what kind of lamp was in there that shattered and made so much glass.”

Sigh. This could have been so much fun. 

Here’s what I should have said “Oh no, Oh no.  That was fine priceless China from my grandmother that’s been in the family for 500 years that I just inherited and in turn have promised to give to my children who will now render my face concave and have me stuffed into an orthopedic shirt because they won’t get their inheritance…Oh the humanity!”

Man I’m so square.  Instead I said “Chill. It’s just a box of scrap glass.”

So anyway this is what I got.



Some of the pieces were pretty fancy so I’m going to use those to make pendants.  The rest of this stuff I’ll use in pot melts.  I’ve got one cooking right now. Pictures will follow.

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