Thursday, September 26, 2013

Favorite YouTube Channels

I’d thought I’d list a few of my favorite Glass fusing YouTube channels

Chewysmum – Wonderful tutorials.  Great information! Very soothing voice.  She makes me think “This is what Mr. Rogers wife must sound like”!

Here’s a sample:

GlassyEyedVideo – Some more great information.  I feel like I’m listening to my grandpa! The channel hasn’t been active recently.  I hope he makes some more.

Here’s a sample:

Then we also got videos from a couple of the big dogs on the block: Bullseye Glass Co and Delphi Glass.

Here’s a couple of samples:

Bullseye Glass

Delphi Glass

And then finally…dichroicglassman.  Now this guy is scary talented but he’s scary talented and also a salesman (a rare combination).  There’s some decent info in his videos yet at the same time they are helpfully unhelpful because  he’s trying to get you to buy his video tutorial series and gives you just enough info to tantalize (or piss you off).

Here’s a sample:


That’s all for now…

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