Saturday, September 14, 2013


Yeah, that’s right. I said 32. Not my age though (bummer). I had a kiln on order (Fusion 16) and needed to find a spot to put up shop.  I wanted to setup my work area near a basement window but since a good part of my basement is dominated by a model railroad my options were limited.

There’s a window here here but I just didn’t have the heart to tear out something that I may re-visit in the future.

I finally settled on a spot nestled between some shelves underneath the stairwell and…you guessed it…the available space works out to be 32 square feet.

Here’s some pictures of what I did.
Blog_Space1 Blog_Space2 Blog_Spacee3Blog_Spacee4 Blog_Spacee5

The kiln area is (a 3 X 4 foot area) is sheathed with Durock with the area closest to the kiln covered with a double layer.  The alcove is partially closed off with floor mats to contain the heat and vented with two air vents: one at the top to pull the heat out and the other to pull cool air in and circulate it around the base of the kiln.  The setup works pretty good. 
Solomon was wrong; there is something new under the sun.  First there was square foot gardening, now there’s square foot fusing.
Have a nice day!

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