Saturday, September 14, 2013

A successful failure…

I had gotten a bunch of Iridescent glass off of eBay and I wanted to do a plate with it.  I came up with a pattern where different colors of Irid were separated by strips of read flat 2 mm stringer.  Two pools of red glass were included in the design. Here is the piece pre-firing.
I was pleased with the design but for some reason I kept hearing Han Solo say in the back of my mind “I have a bad feeling about this Luke”. 

It turns about after firing the piece my misgivings were correct.  Though I don’t consider it a total loss (the Iridescent looks way cool)  the stringer mesh I laid out didn’t turnout quite right.
The problem here is that as the Irid layer was fusing it moved slightly as the pieces settled causing the stringer to shift and in some areas distort. This should have been done with two fuses.  The first would fuse the Irid layer to create a blank with a flat stable surface and the second would fuse the stringer on to the piece.  I suspect the results would have been much better. 

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