Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flattening em out!

I had done a while bunch of cabs using a fiber blanket.  I was having problems with kiln wash sticking to the bottom of the cabs and I was tired of having to clean them off.  I remember reading  on a couple of blogs that “some people” like the texture the blankets lave on the backs of the cabochons.  Well after a few batches I decided that I’m not among “some people”.   Here’s what they looked like.


Pretty rough looking.  OK I picked two of the worst examples; not all of them were this rough.  I decided to try a fire polish to see if that would soften and flatten them out a bit.  Here’s the schedule I used.


400          1000           20
Full           1325          6
Full           960            45
100           800            0
200           700            0
400           250            0

Here are the results.


Not perfectly smooth but a big big improvement.

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