Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Turning Fails into an Un-fails

I’m being a bit un-serious with this post (but then again maybe un-not).

At one point I was thinking about writing off this melt as a total loss and just tossing it.


Well took this melt above and combined it with parts of this failed slump below (it died of thermal shock) and I think I may have pulled a rabbit out of my hat.


Here was my plan to “fix” it.



And here’s how it looks after firing.




the chards from the other pot melt look like feathers and the other colored chunks I placed on it give it a 3D effect. Overall it definitely has a “Native American” look to it.

So be of good cheer if you have projects that crash and burn.  There’s ways of redeeming them.

Happy new year!

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