Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Some More Melts and a Boofoo

First the good stuff.

Here’s a couple of melts that still need to be flattened out.



Here’s a melt that I just flattened out.  I used the bottom of the melt rather than the top because I think the colors and patterns were more interesting.  I might use this for another art piece for the guild show.


And now for the boofoo (and it was a doozy).

Up until now I’ve been doing my melts into a Slumpys 8 inch mini melt ring using 8 inch terra cotta saucers.  I’ve been wanting to do a melt directly in a casting ring and just recently got the furniture to do so.  I made up a plate with two 3/4 inch holes about 2 inches apart in the center and then two more on either side near the edges of the saucer.  Essentially the pattern ran lengthwise in the center of the plate leaving plenty of space to rest the plates on the furniture.



Now the problem here was that since I couldn’t see the holes because they were covered by glass I failed to double check the hole orientation by lifting the saucer and looking underneath I ended up placing two of the holes directly on to of the furniture.

The results were ugly (and no I didn’t take pictures).   There was melted glass around the furniture and stuck to the bottom of the saucer.  I ended up throwing bother the posts and the saucer out.


Now as for the melt itself…it’s interesting. It’s kind of oblongish…and right now I have no clue what to do with it.


This is one of those “just stick this glass rack and think about it” pieces. Some Idea will gel sooner or later.   The reality given the limits of my method a lot of my melts will still need to be done (I think) using the mini melt.  Sometimes I put holes near the edge of the saucer and there won’t be enough saucer available to rest on the furniture.  Oh well…

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