Saturday, December 21, 2013

Resurrecting a failed pot melt

All right.  Maybe this is wishful thinking. It was the last melt I did in My Slumpy’s 8 inch mini melt bowl before it cracked. The melt suffered from using the same bowl to melt too many colors. 
Behold the melt of doom.
It’s been sitting around for the past few weeks looking at me, mocking me, laughing scornfully (I really need to talk to the doctor about my meds… Winking smile).  I haven’t had the heart to either throw it out or to try chopping it up to see if I could make some use of it in another melt.
I’ve been giving it a second look lately.  Some parts of it look semi-sort of-possibly-decent so just maybe, maybe I could doctor it up so that it could look slightly better than half assedly decent. Maybe it could be transformed form a “piece of work” to a “piece of work of art”.
Here are my thoughts…
Hmm…I dunno. A full fuse will reveal my folly. Anyway this is going to have to wait until after the holidays.   I’m busy making presents (and yes I know I’m waaaaay behind schedule).
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