Sunday, December 1, 2013

A few more melts plus a spiral…Sort of

Here are some more melts that have come out of the kiln.  Some of them came out better than others.

I made a five hole saucer and decided to try using more pastel colors.


Here’s the first attempt.  There was a bit too much clear and not enough lavender and light blue.


I tried again with more color and less clear glass.  The results are much better


Here’s another melt with the 4 hole saucer also with more color added.



I got a bit crazy with this next melt.  I made a spiral design with 10 holes in the saucer.



It didn’t come out quite like I had hoped.    It’s cool in way but not without problems.  First you can’t really see any spiral pattern.  I’m thinking I should have used more colors and this particular might have worked better it it wasn’t constrained by a ring.  Second, I had some rather large pieces of scrap glass that I decided to smash up a bit in a frit maker.  Unfortunately the melt ended up with a lot of bubbles.   I’m hoping taking this beast to a full fuse (lets say 1500 degrees for 45 minutes) should flatten the piece out and also get rid of the bubbles.


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