Saturday, December 21, 2013

An experiment in depth

I got an idea for a piece I want to do but wanted to do a proof of concept/prototype first and experiment with depth.  

Here are my doodling's so far.

I started out with a piece of Bullseye 2mm translucent and covered it with frit and confetti.  The confetti is covered with clear frit.  I then contour fused it.


Here is the result.  I flipped it over so that the frit I had fused is now on the bottom.


No I had thought I had taken more pictures of some of the subsequent layers I added but I guessed I spaced it.  I added two more layers using clear frit, confetti and some mica powder just to see how it would look doing a contour fuse for each additional layer.

The results are, well, experimental.


I could have done without the mica inclusions plus I sprinkled a little bit of translucent orange just to see how that would look.  I could have done without that as well.  The illusion of depth worked looks pretty decent with the sun and the mountains/hills.  It’s kind of hard to tell from the picture though.


I’ve got a couple of more layers to add.  It’s been really helpful to create a mini picture to figure out what will work best.  Final results will be posted (when I get around to finishing this).

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